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Published 2023 - 11 - 30

Navigating WBSO Administration with

Learn how simplifies WBSO hour logging, alleviating a major burden for engineers and maximizes the WBSO return for companies. Find out more.

Published 2023 - 02 - 22

Everything You Need to Know About the WBSO Subsidy: What it is and How it Helps Your Business or Start Up

An article explaining what the WBSO subsidy is, how companies can benefit and how much you can expect to receive from the WBSO subsidy.

Published 2023 - 01 - 05

What makes a good and compliant WBSO administration?

This article sheds some light into questions that frequently arise from businesses around what makes a good and compliant WBSO administration after the application has been accepted.

Published 2023 - 10 - 06

Navigating the WBSO Landscape: An Engineer’s Perspective / Guide

Unravelling the advantages of WBSO for Software Engineers.


End the chase for engineer timesheets. Traqqie automates WBSO tracking, cuts compliance headaches, and saves engineers 90% of their time.

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